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Welcome to the Hardcore Alliance Slayers Home Page.

We are a newer guild building up our ranks to become a top raiding guild. Our goal as a guild is to provide a friendly fun group that is focused for end-game progression that also supports and encourages its members. While we do have laid back attitude, we do expect members to be serious and well prepared when  we start raiding. We do not make specific demands for players, but we do encourage players to spec or choose professions that will most benefit the guild once raiding has begun.

Simple Standards:

Respect: In order to continue functioning as a team, we ask that all players respect one another. With a friendly enviornment and open personalities, we may sometimes get a little carried away with our conversations. Just remember, there is a time and a place.

Relax: Never should there ever be a time to stress over something that should be fun. Everyone plays this game to have fun, and if a member is creating trouble or drama, immediate guild kicking is in order.

Rewards: Everyone enjoys when the perfect piece of loot drops. Members should keep in mind, if it benefits a guildie, it will benefit you. Silly loot disputes can be a reason for dismissal. Keep your claims Legit!

If your brand new to our Guild Portal we ask that you please read everything in the information section before registering.

All of us strive to be helpful and friendly and most of all to have fun!

-Aelithil 'First Officer'

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TopperHarley13, May 26, 10 3:10 PM.
We are recruiting all levels at the moment mainly for leveling but will begin raiding once we have enough to do so.. Contact Mclintock or Aelithil or leave message on page Thanks Allot
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Zuluhed (PvP)
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Death Knight
Blood (5)
Frost (5)
Unholy (5)
Balance (5)
Feral (5)
Restoration (5)
Beast Masters (5)
Marksmanship (5)
Survivalists (5)
Arcane (5)
Fire (5)
Frost (5)
Holy (5)
Protection (5)
Retribution (5)
Discipline (5)
Holy (5)
Shadow (5)
Assassination (5)
Combat (5)
Subtlety (5)
Elemental (5)
Enhancement (5)
Restoration (5)
Affliction (5)
Demonology (5)
Destruction (5)
Arms (5)
Fury (5)
Protection (5)
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